Delta Force 2*
Music composed, arranged and conducted by 
Frederick Talgorn
01  Part 1
Orchestral Suite
Bobby‘ Family Killed
Bobby Finds Dead
Ramone Kill El Heffe
Jose gets The Blade
Chuck Watches Tape
The Bear Pit
Hector and Bobby Die
It Was Worth It
Cola’s Fooled Them
     Dead Hubby and Baby
Ramone’s Death Poem
Not Today
Training Montage
02 The Wind Of Change**
(Frederick Talgorn & 
     Harriet Schock)

Part 2
Synthesizer Suite
Cota’s Plane Lands
Chuck Saves D. E. A.
Bridge Crossing
It’s A Big One
Stranglehold Is A Go
Chuck Begins Climb
Chuck Still Climbing
Cuck and Snake
Chuck Reaches The Top
Chuck and Ramone
D. E. A. Dummys
Bobby The Snake
Delta Force Arrival     
Genres:  Soundtracks
Best-Nr:  A8921
* Titel gestrichen - nur wenige Restexemplare
* Deleted - only a few copies left

Performed by the
„European Symphony Orchestra"

**  Performed by LEE GREENWOOD