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The Misfits
Alex North
01 Prelude
02 Four's A Crowd
03 The Misfits - Theme
     (Jazz Version)
04 Gay & Roselyn
05 The Morning After
06 Compassion
07 Confession 
08 Disagreement
09 Madley:
     (a) Paddle Ball
     (b) Rendezvous
     (c) Reno Bar Dance
10 The Mustang Hunt
11 Aftermath
12 An Act Of Desparation
13 Out Of The Dark
A Streetcar Named Desire:
14 Blanche
15 Jazz-Suite
     (a) Stud Poker
     (b) Four Deuces
     (c) French Quarter
Wall Street Ballett:
16 Suite
     (a) Trick Or Treat
     (b) Ticker Tape
American Road:
17 Ode To A Western
18 Hot Spell
The misfits -
Genres:  Soundtracks
Best-Nr:  TCI0609
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